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Vertex Standard VX-231-6 Pack Bundle

Vertex Standard VX-231-6 Pack Bundle

Vertex Standard VX-231-6 Pack Bundle
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VERTEX STANDARD VX-231 6 Radio Bundle with 6 MH-450S Speaker Microphones

Compact Radio with Long Lasting Li-Ion Battery

The Vertex Standard VX-231 two way radio provides wide band coverage, more signaling features and improved ergonomics (compared to the VX-160 series) that adds up to a better return on your investment.

If you are unsure if you need VHF or UHF, choose the VX-231 Undecided and 
when we process the order we will call you and help you determine which portable radio band is correct for you.

Or call us 1-877-856-2929



Your Vertex Standard VX-231 two way radio bundle comes complete with:
6-VX-231 Portable Radio 5 Watts and 16 Channels(Choose UHF or VHF Package)
VX-231 UHF Model comes with ATU-6D Antenna 450-485 MHz
VX-231 VHF Model comes with ATV-8B Antenna 150-163 MHz
6-FNB-131LI-UNI Standard Lithium Ion 1380 mAh Battery (9.0 hours of Battery Life)
6-VAC-UNI-B Universal Desktop Charging Unit
6-Clip-18 Heavy Duty Belt Clip
6-MH-450S Speaker Microphones
Custom Programming to match existing radios if needed
3 year factory warranty and warranty card
VX-231Owners Manual

Vertex Standard VX-231 Series Two Way Radio Spec Sheet

►Interested in learning more about the Vertex Standard VX-231 portable radio, click here for a quick video.

Improved Portability with the Vertex Standard VX-231 Two Way Radio
The Vertex Standard VX-231 two way radio is a compact and lightweight radio

More Battery Power with the Vertex Standard VX-231 Two Way  Radio
The VX-231 includes an 1380 mAh Li-Ion battery providing up to 9 hours of operation with the battery save option. Upgrade to the 2000 mAh battery for up to 16.5 hours of battery life.

More Scanning Options with the Vertex Standard VX-231 Two Way Radio
The VX-231 gives you 4 additional scanning options for greater convenience and flexibility.  Options include: Priority, Dual Watch, Follow Me and Talk Around scan.

Exclusive Auto-Range Transpond System-ARTS
Only Vertex Standard radios are designed to inform you when you and another ARTS-equipped station are within communication range.  If out of range for more than 2 minutes, your radio senses no signal has been received and beeps to alert you.  The base station can then alert the field unit to move back in range.  A great solution to keep your workers coordinated.


Vertex Standard's VX-231 Two Way Radio is a 5 Watt 16 Channel Radio. 

The VX-231 features Vertex Standard's Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty. 

Vertex Standard's VX-231 Additional Features
- 16 Channel capacity
- 5 Watts of Power
- Two programmable keys
- Flexible Channel Spacing
- Battery Power Save option
- Emergency -
- Lone Worker -
- 2 Tone Encode and Decode
- Radio-to-radio cloning


Vertex Standard VX-231 Product Specifications
Dimensions: 4.3 X 2.3 X 1.2 Inches
Weight: 10.1 oz
VX-231 VHF Frequencie Range 134 MHz -174 MHz
VX-231 UHF Frequencie Range 450 MHz - 512 MHz
Operating Temperature Range:  -22° F to +140° F
Audio Output 500mW @ 4 Ohms 5% THD
Audio Distortion <3% @ 1 kHz


All Vertex Standard VX-231 Radios purchased at www.2wayradiodirect.com come complete and ready to use.

All Vertex Standard VHF portable radios can be programmed for your local National Weather Service Weather Alert frequency.


Product Resources

The Vertex Standard VX-231 is designed for Construction Sites, Highway and Interstate Road Crews, 
Secuirty Personnel, Schools, Property Management and Industrial Sites.

VX-231 Designed for Construction Sites, Highway and Road Crews, Industrial Sites and Security Personnel

*Your Vertex Standard VX-231 Two Way Radios can be programmed to work with your existing radios or we can program them to FCC Regulated Business Frequencies.  If you have existing 2 way radios and would like your new VX-231 radios programmed accordingly please note it to the left.  If you know your frequencies, please provide those details as well.  If you do not know the programming of your existing radios, let us know.  Our Customer Service Team will contact you to ensure your new VX-231 two way radios are working to your complete satisfaction. 
2wayradiodirect VX-231 Portable 3 year warranty*

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