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Motorola TalkAbout

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Vertex Standard eVerge Digital Two Way Radios

Vertex Standard eVerge EVX-531Vertex Standard VXD-720 Vertex Standard VXD-R70 Vertex Standard VXD-7200

Vertex Standard Portables

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Vertex Standard Mobile Radios

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Vertex Standard Repeaters

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Vertex Standard Base Stations

Vertex Standard VX-2100 Vertex Standard VXR-7000 Vertex Standard VXR-9000

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How Businesses use Radios

Automotive Camps Churches Contractors Dental Education Entertainment Haunts Dental/Medical Property Management Retail Restaurants


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Motorola Two Way Radios for Retail Stores

Retail Motorola Two Way Radios

Business Owners, Presidents, General Managers, District Managers, Retail Store Owners, Property Managers, Merchandizing Managers

Store Owners, Retail Managers, Retail Buyers, Supervisors, Cashiers, Attendants, Salespeople, Retail Floor Clerks, Stock Clerks, Loaders, Security, Customer Service Personnel

Do your employees respond quickly to your customer's questions about product pricing or product availability? If not, it may be the time for you to consider improving your store's customer service by installing Motorola's latest communications technology using two-way digital radios. Our business radios can keep your employees connected.

Motorola 2-way radios will let your staff perform price checks and determine stock status instantly. By improving the customer service your store provides, you can increase sales and deploy your workers where and when they are needed. With an increase in responsiveness you can reduce inventory shrinkage and accelerate the training of new hires.

Whether it's an answer to a customer's question, a clean-up on aisle five or an in-store emergency, Motorola digital radios provides your employees with clear communications allowing your staff to make the most of their time. Unlike using traditional analogue communications, multiple group communications can occur simultaneously on the same channel when you use digital radios. So, if you are responsible for managing an apparel boutique, a hardware store, a pharmacy, a nursery, a liquor store, a gas station or car dealership, see how Motorola's latest technology can help you:

  • Improve your store's customer service ratings
  • Increase sales and increase your profitability
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage in every department
  • Determine a product's in-stock status and check pricing quickly
  • Deploy your workers where they are needed
  • Accelerate the training of your new hires

It all adds up to a superb combination of communication features at a very affordable price. Enhanced digital coverage, business-exclusive frequencies, long-lasting lithium batteries, advanced voice activation and unique call alerts are just a few of the advantages of our new 2-way digital radios. You will wonder how your staff every managed their tasks without Motorola's latest business two way radio. Your employees stay in touch and your customers keep coming back.

Motorola's commitment to advanced communications technology provides business with the latest in two-way digital radios. It's not surprising that they were recently awarded the Malcolm Baldridge Award for Quality. After all, Motorola means business.