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VX-2100-Desktop Base Station

Reg: $649.00
Save: 15%

VX-2100  Base Desktop fix mounted two way radio

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VERTEX STANDARD VX-2100 Desktop Base Radio


Key Features of your Vertex VX-2100 base station include:

  • 25 Watt UHF or VHF or VHF Desktop Two Way Radio base station programmed to your existing frequencies
  • 8 Channels with Scan Crystal Clear Audio
  • 3 Year Industry Leading Warranty


Your VX-2100 Base will ship complete with:

  • Custom programming to your existing frequencies
  • 120 Volt Power Supply
  • Heavy Duty Desktop Microphone
  • High Gain UHF or VHF Stubby Antenna

The VX-2100-UHF or VHF Base is a permanently mounted desktop radio which uses standard 120 volt electricity to operate.  Many users have the need to provide radio communication to groups of people without having the budget to provide each person with their own hand held portable two way radio. Simply place the walkie talkie base station in a high traffic area so users can easily access a two way radio without having the worry of it walking off. The VX-2100-UHF or VHF Base is compatible with other two way radios programmed to work on the same frequencies and codes.


Key Markets for the VX-2100-UHF or VHF Base include:

  • Schools
  • Construction Sites
  • Movie Theaters
  • Golf Courses
  • Rental Yards
  • Factories




Vertex Standard VX-2100*





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