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School Walkie Talkies & Two-Way Radios for Schools

Motorola Two Way Radios for Schools

Principals, Assistant Principals, Educational Directors, Supervisors, State Educational Officials, School Superintendents

Educational Administrators, Teachers, Nurses, Secretaries, Custodians, Maintenance Staff, Security Staff, Crossing Guards, Coaching Staff, Special Events Staff, Playground Supervisors, Cafeteria Workers, Hall Monitors

Are you responsible for student safety, maintaining order, communicating with faculty members and school employees? Well,Motorola two-way digital radios keep everyone in touch from teachers to school administrators to maintenance personnel. Our walkie talkie radios for school can be customized to meet your needs, so you can enable your team to provide a quick response to any school situation and prevent small problems from escalating.

Motorola's 2-way digital radios are the fastest and easiest way to keep communications on campus functioning to full capacity. With the press of button, your staff will have clear, dependable communication with any faculty member or employee in the school. The digital one-on-one calling on these school walkie talkies allows you to speak privately to another user's radio by sending an audible alert or vibrating signal to the recipient's unit eliminating the need to remember pager numbers.

If you are looking to eliminate the noise and classroom distractions caused by an out-of-date intercom paging system, then Motorola's call tone alerts are the perfect way to notify school personnel as to incoming calls. Your administrators, faculty members, crossing guards, hall monitors and maintenance personnel stay connected without interfering with teacher's lectures. See how Motorola's 2-way digital technology can help your institution to:

  • Speak to teachers, administrators, staff members quickly
  • Increase student safety and provide campus security
  • Respond quickly to any injuries or emergencies that occur
  • Monitor crosswalks, playgrounds, dorms, parking lots and loading zones
  • Coordinate student and faculty events on and off campus

Instant communications make it easy to maintain close contact with security, hall monitors and crossing guards to manage school zones and bus loading activities.  Motorola School Two Way Radios can assist your campus staff in directing traffic for an athletic event, supervising special school events like a prom or monitoring a student group taking a field trip. In fact, our digital one-to-many calling features enable immediate radio communication to all other radios on the group's channel or to group members with a specific ID.

For over 75 years, Motorola's product innovations have been representative of their commitment to engineering excellence. It's little wonder that Motorola has emerged as a global leader in providing institutions with the finest two-way digital radios for the best communication solutions. In fact, Motorola was recently awarded the Malcolm Baldridge Award for Quality. Motorola means business.


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