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S9500 Semi-Custom Earpiece

S9500 Semi-Custom Earpiece

Reg: $12.00
Save: 17%

Make your Survellience Headset More Comfortable

Ear Insert rests on the Ear Ridge for Added Comfort

Must Purchase an S9500 Headset in conjuction with this item. 

SKU S9500L
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Why pay more more for a custom earpiece solution when this product provides exceptional comfort for over 95% of the population.  This semi-custom earpiece is the answer for you if you wear a headset all day.  Made out of silicon, this surveillance headset earpiece is super lightweight and super comfortable. 


Ear Inserts for the S9500 Style Headsets.  This piece makes your S9500 Surveillance Style Headset very comfortable to wear for extended periods.  You must specify if you want an insert for your left or right ear.  When ordering this piece, you will receive 3 inserts:  small, medium, and large.  Pick which is most comfortable to you and then replace the standard ear bulb with your selected comfort tip. 

Installation Instructions.


1.  Remove the bulb tip from your S9500 earpiece.


2.  Push the headset "Elbow" into the flat hole on the Ear Insert.  The shaft goes into your ear.  This hole does not appear large enough for the elbow but will go in with minimal effort.


3.  Enjoy the most comfortable headset you'll ever wear. 

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