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Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk Two Way Radios for Restaurants

Motorola 2 Way Radios for Restaurants

Restaurant Owners, Restaurant Managers, Operations, Purchasing, Security Managers, Telecom Managers, Restaurateurs, Food and Beverage Management, Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Wait Staff Managers, Hostess Stations, Cashiers, Receptionists, Bartenders, Kitchen Management, Valets, Busboys, Buffet Replenishment Staff, Restaurant Security Personnel, Groundskeepers, Patio Attendants, Line Cooks, Other Restaurant Staff

Have you been looking for solutions to the challenges of managing your restaurant? We know that providing your guests with a relaxing, enjoyable dining experience is the number one priority. Motorola digital two-way radios and headsets will keep your entire restaurant connected. That way, you will keep your customers coming back.

Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk digital solutions enable you to stay in touch from the hostess stand in front to the maintenance personnel downstairs. Our restaurant 2 way radios help to eliminate wasted time and inefficient processes with our one-to-one, group or external communications at the touch of a button. That means your restaurant staff can respond quickly to your guests, spills or other emergencies.

Keep your staff connected and your customers coming back with the use of our restaurant walkie talkies. Everyone benefits when you install Motorola two-way digital radios solution for your restaurant. If your employees save just five minutes in each hour of work, the savings for your crew can pay for your Motorola communications system in a few months.

  • Maximize job shift productivity
  • Improve table turns to increase revenue
  • Reduce your customer's wait time
  • Clean and set tables faster
  • Notify wait staff when orders are ready
  • Coordinate runners and replenishment staff
  • Make all your new hires more productive

Recommended Two Way Radios For Restaurants


Our restaurant 2 way radios eliminate the noise and distraction of paging systems and let your customers have a more enjoyable dining experience. Your restaurant will stay clean and well organized as your staff can call for immediate help for cleanups or to reset tables or to replenish the salad bar. With restaurant walkie talkies, managers can communicate simultaneously with the wait staff and the kitchen so your diners receive their food when the meal is ready. Help your employees minimize customer wait time and respond to customer needs more quickly by keeping them in touch with Motorola two-way radios.

Your restaurant's mobile workforce will get more done in less time using walkie talkies when managing duties for the buffet, the salad bar, meeting rooms or lounge. Valet parking attendants can communicate to maintain the flow of cars and customers. Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk two-way systems are easy to use and will help you minimize the learning curve for new employees. Motorola means business. Select your two-way business system today and see how their 75 years of innovation can help your restaurant provide more quality services.



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