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RDX Accessory Package 1

RDX Accessory Package 1

Reg: $484.94
Save: 35%

Motorola RDX Accessory Bundle 1
6-RLN6423A Headsets, 1-RLN6309 Multi Unit Charger

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Motorola RDX Accessory Bundle #1

6-RLN6423A Earpieces
1-RLN6309 Multi Unit Charger/Cloning Station.


RLN6423. RLN6423A. RDX BUNDLERDX Bundle, 56531, MUC, Multi Unit Charger,



Motorola's newest and most comfortable headset, the RLN6423A has been designed to accomodate most ear sizes, is light weight, and hygienic.  The Motorola RLN6423A can be worn on either ear and can be worn comfortably with hoop earrings.  This product comes with a one year full replacement warranty.

The Motorola RLN6423A headset is worn by Walmart Associates Nationwide.   

The RLN6423A is the same part as the RLN6423

Compatible with all Motorola Business Radios: CLS1110CLS1410, XV1100, XV2100, XV2600, XU1100, XU2100, XU2600, DTR410, DTR550, DTR650, RDV2020,RDV2080dRDV5100RDU2020RDU2080DRDU4100RDU4160D, M-Series and AX Series



RLN6309 Multi Unit Charger
The Motorola RLN6309 multi-unit charger allows you to charge up to 6 RDX Series Radios or batteries at one time.  This charger will fully recharge your radio in 3-6 Hours. It can be wall mounted and it supports cloning, allowing you to program all your radios from one radio!

The RLN6309 is the same part as the RLN6309A

Works with all RDX series radios: RDV2020RDV2080dRDV5100RDU2020RDU2080d,RDU4100 and RDU4160d.


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