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Motorola RDV2080D

Reg: $265.00
Save: 17%

Motorola RDV2080D 2 Watt 8 Channel Radio with Digital Display
Discontinued-The Motorola RMV2080 Two Way Radio is the replacement

Product is "Out of Stock" 


Extended Warranty
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Motorola RDV2080D 2 Watt 8 Channel VHF Radio

Product is "Out of Stock"

Discontinued-The Motorola RMV2080 Two Way Radio is the replacement

Planning a large purchase?  Call or email us today about bulk pricing on the Motorola RMV2080 two way radio. 

Need more information on how the RDX Series radio will work for you?  


Motorola RDV2080D Two Way Radio Platform Features

- Up to 2W Power (1W low power setting)
- 27 Selectable VHF Frequencies (Site License Required)
- 38 Analog and 83 Digital Interference Eliminator Codes
- 12 Hrs Battery Life (2W, 5/5/90, Battery Save Enabled)
- Designed to IP-55 and MIL-SPEC Specifications
- 3 Voice-Inversion Scramble Settings to Minimize Eavesdropping
- Channel Scan with Selectable Scan List
- 3 Audible Call Tones
- 2 Pin Accessory Plug (Compatible With XTN/CLS Series)
- VOX (Hands-Free Use With Accessories) With 3 Sensitivity Levels
- Tri-color LED with Transmit, Receive, and Low Battery Indication

Motorola RDV2080d Walky Talky Additional Features
- Up to 8 Channels w/Aliasing (Up to 8 Characters)
- Battery Gauge
- Signal Strength Indicator
- Keypad Lock
- 5 Programmable Buttons

Your Radio will ship complete with:
- Motorola RLN6351 1100 mAh Li Ion Rechargeable Battery
- Motorola RLN6175 & RPN4054 7-Hour Drop-In Charging Tray w/ Wall Adaptor
- Motorola RLN6307 3" Spring Belt Clip
- User's Guide
- 12 Month Warranty Card                          -12 Month Extended Warranty Available-



VHF Position Freq. (MHz) VHF Position Freq. (MHz) VHF Position Freq. (MHz) VHF Position Freq. (MHz)
1 151.6250 8 151.8350 15 151.7750 22 154.5275
2 151.9550 9 151.8050 16 151.8650 23 154.5400
3 152.8850 10 151.5130 17 151.8950 24 153.0050
4 152.9150 11 151.6550 18 151.9250 25 154.6550
5 151.7000 12 151.6850 19 152.7000 26 158.4000
6 151.7600 13 151.7150 20 154.4900 27 158.4075
7 152.9450 14 151.7450 21 154.5150    



Frequently Asked Questions about the Motorola RDV2080D Two Way Radio


Is this radio compatible with my XV1100, XV2100, and XV2600? 
Yes, can help you program your new Motorola RDV2080D two way radio to work with your existing Motorola VHF XTN two way radios.
Will the Motorola RDV2080D two-way radio work with other VHF two way radios?
Yes, provided they are on the same frequencies and privacy codes. See the User Guide for the complete list of frequencies and codes available. 
Can I use Alkaline Batteries with my Motorola RDV2080D?
Yes, using the Motorola RLN6306 Alkaline Battery Tray. 
Can I utilize MURS Frequencies with the Motorola RDV2080D 2 way radio?
No, MURS Frequencies cannot be used with the Motorola RDV2080D 2 way radio due to FCC regulations.  The Motorola RDM2080D two way radio can be programmed to MURS frequencies.
Is it easy to make new Motorola RDV2080D's work with existing Motorola RDV2080D 2 way radios?
Yes.  This can be accomplished by calling our Technical Support line, by using the Motorola RDX Series Cloning Cable, on your computer using the Motorola RDX Series Programming Software, or by cloning the RDV2080D with the Motorola RDX 6 Port Charging Station. 
The Apartment Industry includes many of Motorola’s most loyal customers. Motorola 2 way radios have been in use in this industry since the start of Motorola Business Two Way Radios dating back to the Spirit Pro.  By equipping the sales office, maintenance department, and managers can all stay in contact with the press of a button.  Rely on to supply you with radios to work with your existing Motorola S, M, and XTN Series two way radios. 
Road Crews 
DOT regulations require your Flag Men to be in constant communication to ensure the safety of your crew and traffic. Motorola RDV2080D two way radios work where you work, instantly at the touch of a button without monthly service fees, and do not rely on cellular towers to operate. The Motorola RDV2080D lasts all day and does not require costly alkaline batteries to operate. 
Survey Teams
Technology allows your team to cover more ground with less people. Motorola RDV2080D two-way radios provide your team the ability to communicate at the touch of a button. Why rely on hand signals and flashing lights when instant communication reduces time and eliminates errors. Motorola RDV2080D two-way radio provides excellent range and clarity and a rock solid warranty to boot. 
Cellular Phones don’t always reach the farm and rarely provide crystal clear communication when they do. Motorola’s RDV2080D two way radios do not rely on cell towers to work, nor do they require the use of a Repeater to operate. You should expect one to two miles of coverage using the Motorola RDV2080D two way radio.
MURS stands for Multi-Use Radio Service. These are license free frequencies the Federal Communications Commission set aside in 2000 for personal and business general uses. This created compatibility issues between Motorola XTN Series two way radios and the replacement series which includes the Motorola RDV2020. offers the Motorola RDM2080D two way radio which can be programmed with your Motorola S, M, or XTN Series Two Way Radio. 
MURS Frequencies are all VHF and include:


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