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Motorola RLN6423A Headset 3 Pack

Reg: $104.97
Save: 27%

Motorola RLN6423A 3-Pack Headset

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Motorola's most Popular Headset The RLN6423A Swivel Headset is one the most popular headsets we offer. The RLN6423A 2 way radio 3 pack headset is used in the following industries; Retail Stores, Restaurants, Hotels, Haunts, Dental Offices, Medical facilities, Property Management, and just about anywhere else two way radios are used.

The Motorola RLN6423A fits comfortably over the ear, the earpiece swivels for maximum comfort. Talk and listen on your two way radio without having to remove the two way radio from its holster.

The RLN6423A comes with a 12 month limited lifetime warranty.

The RLN6423A blends comfort and functionality.

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