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MLS-200 External Weatherproof Speaker

MLS-200 External Weatherproof Speaker

Reg: $89.00
Save: 21%

Vertex Standard MLS-200 External Weaherproof Speaker

Discontinued-Replaced by the Vertex Standard MLS-100
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VERTEX STANDARD MLS-200 External Weatherproof Speaker
Discontinued-Replaced by the Vertex Standard MLS-100






The diameter of the speaker is small (3.03 in), but the MLS-200 has the performance 

and power rating of 12 W.  Also the housing is designed to maximize the 

performance of this speaker driver.  This allows for enough communications power 

even under the most noisy circumstances, yet still keeping a small footprint for tight 

installation applications. 

Getting from here to there

The robust cable is designed to pass the maximum audio output power from the 

radio to the speaker with minimum loss.  

Water integrity

The MLS-200 is protected against water immersion, IPx5. If water does enter the 

speaker grill, it is quickly drained allowing for maximum clarity and performance. 

This means the MLS-200 can withstand the harshest environments, including severe 

wind and rain. 

Clear sound

This is the major sales point of this speaker. The most important factor of a 

communications speaker is the quality of the sound.  We have designed, the ideal 

audio response, housing, and porting to obtain the best possible performance. 

Vibration integrity

Since this speaker was designed to be installed on a motorcycle, the thick mounting 

plate and bracket are built to endure hard vibration. The adjustable angel capabilities 

of the speaker are also built to withstand hard vibration yet provide support at any 



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