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FNB-V113LIIS Intrinsically Safe Battery

FNB-V113LIIS Intrinsically Safe Battery

Reg: $120.00
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FNB-V113LIIS Intrinsically Safe Lithium Ion Battery
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Vertex Standard FNB-V113LIIS Intrinsically Safe High Capacity Battery

The Vertex Standard FNB-V113LIIS intrinsically safe radio battery is the high capacity battery that comes standard wtih your ISVX-450 two way radio.  This is an intrinsically safe Lithium Ion battery pack, 2300 mAH, for an average use time of 16.5 hours.

The Vertex FNB-V113LIIS battery comes standard with the following intrinsically safe Vertex Standard two way radios: ISVX-451, ISVX-454, & ISVX-459

Please note: a VX-450 radio is not intrinsically safe simply by using the Vertex FNB-V113LIIS battery.  The VX-450 radio must have originally been purchased rated as intrinsically safe.  If the radio purchased originally was not rated intrinsically safe, then this intrinsically safe radio battery should not be used.  Please contact 2 Way Radio Direct with questions or to verify if your radio is intrinsically safe. 

The Vertex Standard FNB-V113LIIS battery has a one year warranty.

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