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Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk Two Way Radios Drive the Entertainment Market

Motorola Two Way Radios for Entertainment

Movie TheatersFamily Fun CentersHauntsMini-GolfTheme ParksCarnivalsWater Parks, & Bowling Centers all benefit from using Motorola two way radios

Key Users in the Entertainment Market
Box Office, Security, Life Guards, Production Managers, Crowd Control, EMS, Law Enforcement, Maintenance, Stage Managers, Lane Mechanics, Ride Staff, Grounds Keepers, & Management.

The Entertainment Industry depends on two way radios daily to ensure safety, enhance the customer experience, and to keep track of a large and spread out workforce. Motorola Business two way radios provide clear, instant communication at the touch of a button and are built to withstand both the elements and your employees. Built to military specifications, Motorola Business two way radios withstand a 5 foot drop on concrete, are water resistant, and are protected by Motorola’s exclusive one year over the counter exchange warranty.

These film set walkie talkies operate on business exclusive frequencies and have a range of up to 300,000 square feet without a Repeater. Outside, Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk radios will transmit for up to 5 miles. Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk two way radios come in single and multi-channel models and all come with next generation Lithium Ion Batteries. Our expert staff will gladly walk you through which radio best meets your application or click on your application highlighted above and you’ll go straight to the most popular two way radio for your industry.

Need some ideas about best practices for your marketplace? We can help. Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk  Business Two Way Radios have some common uses in the Entertainment Industry we deem to be best practices. These are:

  • Security. Quick and immediate response is required when guests behave poorly.
  • Safety. Liability is the single most important concern and Motorola two way radios help reduce liability.
  • Management. Staying Connected ensures coordinated responses and a more efficient workplace.
  • Guest Satisfaction. Lost children, medial issues, complaints can all be addressed quickly using radios.
  • Crowd Control. Keeping crowds content and moving is key to your success. Motorola business two way radios prove critical in helping your team manage large crowds.
  • Increased Profits. You’re in business to make profit. Motorola two way radios allow you to better manage your entire team. Employees can’t hide from the radio.

Motorola and Kenwood ProTalk Two Way Radios are built for business and are guaranteed to perform flawlessly in your business. offers a 30 No Hassle Return Policy and warrants all products for a period of one year. If you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, give us a call and we’ll make it right or we’ll take it back.We understand the needs of your business and look forward to providing you with walkie talkies for film sets and other applications.

With 75 years of innovative design and engineering expertise, Motorola has become a world leader in providing industry with reliable on-site, two-way digital communications solutions. It's no wonder that Motorola was awarded the Malcolm Baldridge Award for Quality. See for yourself how Motorola's enhanced coverage, extended battery life and improved audio quality can give your team an advantage in two-way communications.

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