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Summer Camp portable radio communication

Two Way Radios for Camps that work!

Camp life is organized chaos at its finest. Coordinating multiple activities, ensuring a safe environment, and managing your team are constantly top of mind. Communicating with Staff is essential and having the ability to be in 4 places at once has its perks. is here to help you improve your camping communication with the use of Motorola and Vertex Standard two way radios. 

We understand your business and we’ve got the right selection of waterproof camping two way radios to meet your needs. Below you will see a selection of 2 way radios designed to withstand the harshest of environments without breaking your budget. All of our outdoor walkie talkies for camping include:

Up to 10 Talk Groups

Up to 5 Watts of Power 

National Weather Service Weather Alerts

9 Hour Lithium Ion Batteries

1 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions about our walkie talkies for camping.

How far will my 2 way radios go? All featured waterproof camping two way radios have a range of up to 5 miles outdoors.  Range is determined by the terrain of your camp. The larger your facility, the more powerful the 2 way radio you need. The Vertex Standard VX-231 two way business radios are an excellent, affordable choice to ensure maximum range.

How durable are the two way radios? Our outdoor walkie talkies for camping are guaranteed to withstand repeated 5 foot drops on concrete. Additionally, all of our 2 way radios are waterproof and dustproof. This ensures years of reliable service. Best of all, any two way radio purchased at is covered by at least a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Should you ever need service, just give us a call and we’ll handle everything. 

How many years can I expect the two way radio batteries to last? All featured two way radios are using Lithium Ion Battery Technology which doesn’t develop a memory. We expect you’ll need to replace your batteries every 5 seasons. During the offseason, we suggest you remove your waterproof camping two way radios from the charging stations to allow the batteries to fully discharge.  

What happens if I need my two way radios reprogrammed? will always reprogram walkie talkies for camping that were purchased from us free of charge. Additionally, we will provide you with your custom list of two way radio frequencies and codes so you’ll always have access to them.

Is a license needed to use two way radios? An FCC license is required to use certain two way radio frequencies and codes. Your waterproof camping two way radios will be preloaded with MURS 2 way radio frequencies which do not require an FCC license. 

Are the radios waterproof? Vertex Standard portable radios meet various Ingress Protection Ratings, the VX-231, VX-351 and VX-354 are rated for splashing water. The VX-450 series portable radio is submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes. This is a great 2 way waterproof radio for waterfront or poolside communication.

How quickly will our new two way radios arrive? stocks everything we sell and orders are processed the same day in most cases.  We ship all two way radios via UPS Ground so your two way radios should arrive within 5 business days.  Expedited shipping of 2 way radios is available.


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