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56531 CLS Series Multi-Unit Charger

56531 CLS Series Multi-Unit Charger

Reg: $200.00
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Motorola 56531 CLS Series 6 Port Charging Tray with cloning capability

SKU 56531
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The Motorola 6 Port Charging Tray offers the convenience of charging six Motorola 56531 CLS series radios, batteries, or a combination of the two using one outlet.  The Motorola 56531 multi unit charger tray will provide a complete charge in three hours.  Additionally, the six-unit tray offers a convenient solution to ensure all radios are returned at the end of your business day to one central location. 

Works will all Motorola CLS Series Radios: CLS1110, CLS1410, CLS1450BC, CLS1450CH, & VL50

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